Service Restrictions

Service Availability

Service Availability

Hours of operation

Although service is provided on a 24/7/365 basis, it is temporarily unavailable generally once a month during maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is announced online five business days in advance, on the notification page.

Internet connection

Public Print relies on Internet connectivity. Any issues affecting connections between MFDs and the Public Print data center may prevent printing operations on MFDs.

Service Notes

Public Print service cannot be used to print from multifunction devices (MFDs) in 7-Eleven stores.
Similarly, files uploaded to the Netprint service for use with these MFDs cannot be printed from the full-color MFDs for use with Public Print.

Printing Restrictions

Spot's Restrictions

  • There are paper sizes that can not be printed depending on the printing spot.
  • Photo and Postcard can only be printed from AEON stores.
  • Postcard printing need customers to prepare postcards themselves.

File Uploading

Some uploading restrictions apply. Check the following restrictions if you encounter uploading errors.

The following files cannot be uploaded to the Public Print data center.

  • Files that exceed 10 MB. In this case, try reducing the number of pages, for example.
  • Files for which viewing or printing is protected or prohibited. Try uploading after removing any restrictions.
  • Files that contain macros, such as .docm, .xlsm, or .pptm files. Even Office files with the extension .doc, .xls, or .ppt may cause uploading errors if they contain macros.
  • Files with fonts not found on MFDs. Uploading errors may occur if non-Japanese fonts such as Calibri are used for symbols in files.
  • Large-format DocuWorks files of B2 size or larger.
  • Files of 100 pages or more.
  • Files with mixed paper sizes.
  • Originals exceeding the supported size range of A1 (594×841 mm) to B7 (91×128 mm).
  • PDFs containing images with JPEG 2000 compression.
  • Note that PDF uploading may fail if, during the upload process, it is determined that the PDF is incompatible with the MFD. This issue is generally caused by incompatibility between the source software and the MFD.
  • PDFs displayed by WEB function of the smartphone application (Publicp Print for iOS).

Uploading the following files may not be possible.

  • Copy-protected files, protected workbooks, and other files with protected information
  • Microsoft Office files created in non-Japanese versions of Windows
  • Files created in alternatives to Microsoft Office applications

Print Preview Tips

Some printing notes and restrictions apply.
Always check the print preview thumbnail of uploaded files.

Font Substitution Tips
  • Fonts in uploaded files that are not on the MFD will be replaced with fonts on the MFD.
  • Font substitution may alter document layouts.
  • Uploading errors may occur if files contain unavailable characters that cannot be substituted.

For more accurate printing, either embed fonts when creating PDFs or use XML Paper Specification/OpenXPS files.

Printable Area
  • The printable area extends up to 5 mm from document edges. When creating files, work in this area, and leave about 5 mm on each edge as a non-printing area.
  • The printable area is generally determined with [Slight Reduction] disabled. A non-printing area will be created if the printing image is created to fill the entire page.

If you enable [Slight Reduction] on the [Upload Files] page, originals are printed at a slightly smaller size to fit in the printable area.

Microsoft Office File Restrictions
  • To avoid printing quality issues associated with transparent or shaded images in files created in Office 2003 or earlier applications, we recommend saving files in Office 2007 or later before uploading.
  • With Excel CELL functions and Word field cross-references, accessing the file name will replace the file name before printing.
Microsoft Excel Restrictions
  • The current, active sheet when spreadsheets are saved is treated as the original for printing.
Microsoft PowerPoint Restrictions
  • Slides are treated as the original for printing. Handouts and notes cannot be printed.
  • Presentations encrypted with passwords are not supported.
PDF Restrictions
  • Depending on the source application, PDFs may be printed with some characters missing, and the layout may be altered.
  • If PDFs include layer information, all layers are printed.
  • PDFs with video, 3D graphics, and interactivity via external communication may not be supported.
  • PDF comments and watermarks are not printed.
Image File (JPEG, TIFF, etc.) Restrictions
  • JPEG, TIFF, and other image files are scaled to fit the selected paper size before printing.
  • Colors and gradation of printed images may differ from those expected.
DocuWorks Restrictions
  • Character corruption may occur in DocuWorks Ver. 4 documents containing characters or symbols other than standard JIS characters.
Public Print for Android Restrictions
  • On devices running Android 4.0–4.0.4, the print preview displayed for webpages may be blank. Uploading these pages and attempting to print them will result in a blank page.
Public Print for iOS Restrictions
  • Note that depending on file size, attempting to print a displayed image file directly using [Webpage Printing] may cause the app to crash.
  • Attempting to print a displayed image file directly using [Webpage Printing] may cause uploading to fail, depending on the image file.

About uploading errors

When encounting errors after uploading, please check the error message and code by clicking the error-summary link at the File List View.

Error code information and how-to are as follows.

(302) and (404) An error about paper size has occurred. The following cases are not supported.
  • Outrange of the supported paper size which maximum is A1(594mm×841mm) and minimum is B7(91mm×128mm).
  • Paper size mixed documents.
(303) An error about number of pages has occurred. The following cases are not supported.
  • Document which contains more than 100 pages.
(304) An error about file size restriction after conversion for printing has occurred. The following cases are not supported.
  • Converted file size exceeded the upper limit due to complex figures or compressed images.
If it is multipape documents, reducing the pages may avoid the error.
(305) An error about available folder space has occurred.
  • The total uploaded file size exceeded the capability of the folder space.
The tolal uploaded file size is cumulated by converted file size(not upload file size).
(306) An error about number of uploaded files has occurred.
  • The number of uploaded files exceeded the upper limit.
(402) An error about documents convertion has occurred. The following cases may be considered.
  • The document may be protected by password.
(419) An error about documents convertion has occurred. The following cases may be considered.
  • The document cannot be readed due to data corruption.
  • The file name contains unsupported characters.
  • The document contains too much pages or too complex figures or images, so the comvertion operation cannoted be completed within the specified time.
(420) An error about images convertion has occurred. The following cases may be considered.
  • The image cannot be readed due to data corruption.
  • Only sequential and the color space is gray or yCbCr JPEG image is supported.
  • The document contains JPEG2000 images.
JPEG2000 images are not supported.
(518) An error about character fonts has occurred. The following cases may be considered.
  • The document contains character fonts which do not belong to the JIS X 0213:2004.
  • The document contains special font symbols.
Unembedded fonts are replaced by printer driver, in which if they are not supported will result in an error.