Service hours

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, maintenance about once a month.
* advance notice on the website

New user registration

User registration method Online registration via web site or mobile app
User ID string One of the following (ASCII characters only, no control characters)
  • Half-width alphanumeric characters + symbols (hyphens, underscores) up to 64 characters
  • Email address 127 characters or less
Password string Half-width alphanumeric characters + symbols (hyphens, underscores) 6 to 20 characters
(ASCII characters only. Control characters are not allowed.)

File upload

File format
  • Microsoft® Word Japanese version (extension ".doc" ".docx" ".rtf")
  • Microsoft® Excel® Japanese version (extension ".xls" ".xlsx")
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® Japanese version (extension ".ppt" ".pptx")
  • DocuWorks (extension ".xdw")
  • PDF (extension ".pdf")
  • XML Paper Specification (extension ".xps"), Open XPS (extension ".oxps")
  • JPEG (extension ".jpg", ".jpe", ".jpeg")
  • Single-page/multi-page TIFF (extension “.tif”)
  • PNG (extension ".png")
  • UTF8 text (Mobile application only)
Font used4 Japanese fonts, 14 English fonts
File size10MB or less, but JPEG registration is 4MB or less
File storage capacity30MB or 100 files per user
File retention period7 days from registration date
Print reservation numberRandomly assign 8-digit alphanumeric characters
FunctionColor mode setting, paper size setting, reservation number email notification, password setting (4-digit number)

Loco function

File size10 MB or less
File storage capacity50 MB or 100 files per location partner
File retention periodArbitrary (initial value: 7 days from the date of registration), you can specify the start date of publication
Print reservation number Selectable from
  • Fixed print reservation number (5 provided when applying for Loco function)
  • 8 alphanumeric characters are given randomly
functionColor mode setting, paper size setting, double-sided setting, border erasing (reduction), reservation number email notification, PIN setting (4-digit number), permission/not permission to specify number of copies, price setting (from 0 yen to 1,000 yen, (Can be specified in units of 10 yen)

print out

Colorfull color / black and white
Image quality600 dpi 256 gradations (characters equivalent to 2400 dpi)
Size of paperA4 / A3 / B5 / B4 / Postcard
Printing surfacesingle-sided, double-sided
Editing functionScaled print, 2 out of 1 (all paper sizes)
Specifying pages to printPage Range Print (Continuous page specification)
Payment MethodBilling function of MFDs for store services can be used

scan to USB

USB specificationUSB 2.0
CapacityUp to 128 MB
Reading resolution600x600 dpi、400x400 dpi、300x300 dpi、200x200 dpi
Output formatPDF, JPEG, XPS, DocuWorks(XDW), TIFF